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Michael Gray, Webmaster
Greetings from the Webmaster

    This web site took a couple hundred pages to explain what I thought you might need to know.

  Enjoy, Michael T. Gray, mET

    I once dreamed, "Wouldn't it be great if you could simply go to any computer and look up anything." For me, the internet really is a dream come true.

    If you ask me "How do I make my own web page?" Then I'd prefer to present you with methods you can understand. I get more done and so do you. Besides, the internet ends up with better information, that we can all benefit from later.

    One of my earliest adventures in programming a computer required assembly code (machine language), translated into hexadecimal (base 16). Then, I had to solder
diodes on a rack (in binary configuration) to program the code. That was quite awhile ago, it's so much easier now with keyboards.

    Creating a webpage is much like creating a document. You can throw something together, but it won't be as good as the one you meticulously worked on to make everything perfect.

Web Pages are like Onions (or Ogres),
they have many layers!

Website Content

    Web pages must have the ever important content. This is what your visitors really want. Any time you go to a website, you are hoping to find something. When you create a web page, make sure the subject matter is something you are knowledgeable about and enjoy explaining to people. Then, writing a web page is fun!

Web Page Graphics

    Proper use of web page graphics can be worth a thousand words when we explain things. Graphics also make your web page more interesting to look at. Be aware, that many people use web page graphics without really matching them to the message, thus detracting from your page.

Submit to Search Engines and Get Found

    Getting your web page found on the search engines is important, otherwise what's the point? This get right back to content. If your content is what your visitors really
want, everything will line up to put you at the top of the list. Think "Win-Win" on every web page you create.

Web Pages With A Purpose

    Every website needs a purpose. Whether you are selling a product, getting people to join your cause or just providing information, you need to find a purpose and stick
with it.

Monetizing your website

    Making money with your web page is always a plus, and you are the best person to make that happen. After all, who cares more about your business than you? Who else knows your products inside and out, like you do? Who else knows what your customers want, better than you do? With that in mind, who else could possibly be better to create your own web page, than you?

    The beauty of money making web pages, is the continuity of your efforts. Write it once, then it works 24/7 for you.

    If you want a raise, then double your visitors (increase your keyword preference), and/or figure out how to increase the average income per visitor. Once you've got it, it keeps working for you (with an occasional tune-up).

    Also, you can write more pages, if you want.

If you can make your own web site,
you're helping build the internet too!

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