HTML Area Tag


    The <area> tag is only valid within the <map></map> tags. The area tag defines coordinates within a grapchic image to include a popup definition and even link to something. This tag does not use a closing tag.


<img src="url" alt="description" usemap="mapname">
<MAP mapname="name">
shape="shape" alt="alternate-text" href="URL" coords="xx,yy,xx,yy..." target="target-window-name" NOHREF>



The SHAPE modifier determines the possible shapes of the area you are defining. The
options are: RECT, CIRCLE, POLY or DEFAULT.
The alternate text is for those browsers without graphics (or the iconically challenged).
The HREF modifier is the URL or web page address of the destination you chose for this link.
The coordinates depend on the information defined by the SHAPE modifier. A RECTANGLE starts in one corner, defines the X and Y coordinates, then moves to the next corner and the next until only the last corner is left, which becomes an assumption. A CIRCLE coordinates are the center X, Y then the radius. A POLY is a polygon and works much like the RECTANGLE but can have as many sides as you wish. The DEFAULT just includes everything else.
The NOHREF modifier does not include a link. Just the popup text.
Defines the window the link result will appear in. Options are _blank (a new blank window), _self (current link window), _parent (previous window), _top (full body of current window) or top (into a new blank window).