Search Engine Optimization

Incredible waiting to be known
    Search Engine Optimization is often abbreviated as SEO. Most people find stuff on the internet by using the Search Engines. Each one of the search engines act a little differently. Google is the current king of the search engine world.

    What SEO is really doing, is giving you the opportunity to communicate with your potential visitors. You have your technical terminology for your product. You might call it the "Galvatronic EXY5280." Your potential visitor might simply refer to it as a "Red, White and Blue Widget." This simple adjustment of language can increase web site traffic enormously.

    Be precise! You don't want to mislabel a product in your web page, just to get more traffic. You'll just disappoint visitors who weren't looking for your widget. They'll probably even be annoyed about being "fooled" into visiting your web page. Not good for you, or them. There are billions of people out there and somebody actually wants what you have.